What is a Flexible Mind? A flexible mind is one that allows you to adapt to new situations and deal with changes. It includes handling frustration and being able to think on your toes when you need to solve a problem at the last-minute. This definition came from Executive Functioning: Advanced Workbook(See, I put the stuff I bought for my former life to good use as a coach and marketer)

5 Ways a Flexible Mind Helps You Succeed in Life and Business

What are the 5 ways?

  1. Feel less frustrated
  2. Allows you to be more creative
  3. Helps you with perspective taking
  4. Helps you deal with transitions
  5. Lets you take risks

Those are all explained in this video:

5 Ways a Flexible Mind Helps Your Life and Business from Tracey Hausel on Vimeo.

Did that make sense? Good. It's something that you have to really think about and train yourself in baby steps. It probably won't happen all at once.

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