So you are wondering what Business for Facebook is all about. In this post, you won't learn everything about doing business on Facebook, but you will learn 6 Tips for doing Facebook Live.

What's Facebook Live? It is doing a live video on Facebook. If you have a verified fan page on Facebook, you can do the live video there. Otherwise, you'll have to do it from your profile and share it to your page.

What's a verified fan page? If you look at a big business or a celebrity, you make see a blue checkmark next to their page name. That means they are verified.

Business for Facebook: 6 Tips for Facebook Live

Market Harbert gave the following tips for going live on Facebook.

  1. Follow 4-part formula for video creation
    1. Introduction – Hi! My name is Tracey Hausel from Tracey coming to you from my backyard in Wilmington, Delaware about 20 minutes south of Philadelphia.
    2. Question – Today you're going to learn about Facebook Live
    3. Content – Whatever you planned to teach
    4. Call to action – You tell them to check out a link or make a comment, etc.

2.  Get right to your video when you go live – Remember people will watch you later.

For the rest of the tips, watch the video below:

Facebook Live notes LTD7 from Tracey Hausel on Vimeo.

So there you have Business for Facebook and 6 tips for doing Facebook Live.

Have you done live video on Facebook or anywhere else? If so share below in the comments section.

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PS: To Learn more about Facebook Live Check it out HERE (aff)

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