You are wondering how you increase your Facebook Engagement in addition to (or instead of at times) placing an ad. Keep on reading to find out.

Here are my notes from the free training, 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement by Chris Record.
Step 1)  Understand the original Facebook Edgerank Algorithm. It is not what Facebook uses today, but it gives you an idea of what Facebook is looking for. The Edgerank is composed of Edge, Affinity, Weight, and Time.
Edge is the content (post) such as text, video, Facebook Live, picture, etc.
Affinity is how close the page's (profile's) relationship is with each person interacting with the creator of edge (content.
Weight measures the popularity of your post based on engagement.
Time means the older the post, the lower the Edgerank it gets and the less chance of it appearing in your fans' (friends') newsfeeds.
Step 2) Comment, Like, Share – This is the golden rule of Facebook Edgerank. The more you engage in your fans' and friends' content, the more they see your content.
Step 3) Private Messages – Private back and forth conversations are proven to cause Facebook to show your status updates to the people you are messaging with.
Step 4) Ask Questions – Use Topics That Are Controversial and Trending, as well as questions you want to know the answers to. However, be careful with controversial questions. Will it just cause discussion or will it turn people off.
Step 5) Identify Your Post Type – Which types of posts get you the best engagement? Pictures? Texts? Questions? Links? Videos? etc. For links look at clicks in analytics, not just engagement.
Step 6) Revive old status updates – when you comment on old status updates you can bring them back to life & recirculating the newsfeed.
Step 7) Best time of day to post – review previous popular posts and identify which time of day gets the best engagement for your posts.
There you have it. The 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement. Watch the video below where I go through these steps.

The 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement

7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement from Tracey Hausel on Vimeo.


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