If you've ever wanted to really know how to get started stay focused, then keep reading. The most important thing is to make is easy as possible to get going and keep going.

How to Get Started Stay Focused

One of the things that bugs me is the concept that doing the most difficult thing first is the best way to get started. Brian Tracy in his book, Eat The Frog (aff link), teaches this and I think this had stopped some people from doing the very thing that the book is supposed to help. Getting Started.

Instead do the easiest or most fun (and wouldn't it be cool if it was both?) thing first. You see an accomplishment. You can check something off of your list. This gets you into momentum so you can keep going.

Why is doing the most difficult thing first bad? It may not be… If it works for you. For others, it causes procrastination and they don't get anything accomplished. Momentum doesn't happen.

Remind Yourself of The Task

It's hard to get started stay focused if you don't know what you're supposed to do in the first place.

What do you do?

Place an item where you can't forget it – if it's a bag you need to take somewhere then put it in front of your door. If I need to do something, I put it on my textedit (notepad) where I keep my schedule for the day.

Use technology – If you're out somewhere and you need to do something when you get home, then leave yourself a voicemail.

Use sticky notes – Put a note on your computer if you need to pay a bill electronically or email someone.

Get Started

  • Set up the Task – The night before plan what you will do the next day and what order to do it in. This way your brain doesn't have to work so hard and potentially freeze when you sit down to begin work.
  • Batch activities together – If you're doing non-live videos, do a bunch at a time. Doing keyword research? Do a bunch at a time. You save time by eliminating the time it takes to “set-up” the task when you do similar ones together. Your brain doesn't have to switch modes and you stay in momentum.
  • Reward Yourself – It could be 15 minutes reading, taking a walk, or something bigger if you finish a big project. Doesn't matter what it is, just do it.
  • Work when you have energy bursts – If you're able to do so, work when you have the most energy. It makes getting started a little easier.

Stay Focused

Create an ideal work environment – work somewhere clean, clear of clutter, with lots of sunlight and a place you enjoy. You may need earplugs or loud music. Do whatever works for you.

Break down tasks – If you have a big project or just need to see some progress fast, break down your tasks into smaller and easier to complete tasks.

Set your own deadlines  – If you don't have a deadline, you don't have a reason to complete the task.

How to Get Started, Stay Focused Video

Use the tips that work for you and throw away the rest. But before you throw them away, share this post on Facebook so others can get started stay focused.

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