I watched a 45-minute video about how to increase focus where Ned Hallowell, a very well-known psychiatrist who works with people with the ADHD trait. He talked about three conditions that your brain works best in.

How to Increase Focus 1: Boundaries

How to Increase Focus – Boundaries from Tracey Hausel on Vimeo.

How to Increase Focus: Definition of Boundary

What do I mean by boundaries? When I Googled the definition of boundary this is what I got.

plural noun: boundaries
1) a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.
    “the eastern boundary of the wilderness”
2) a limit of a subject or sphere of activity.
    “a community without class or political boundaries”

How to Increase Focus: An Example of Boundaries

Dr. Hallowell gave an example. He shared a story about email and one of his clients. She kept her computer on her desk in front of her while she worked. Whenever an email notification popped up, she would check the email.

He suggested that she put the computer behind her where she wouldn't notice the notification. Her productivity increased greatly.

No, I'm as guilty as the next person. I keep my email up, and if I get one, I go right to it. It doesn't make a difference what I'm doing, what I'm thinking.

And you know what? It really screws up what I'm doing. I forget where I'm at. I forget what I'm doing.
I bet this happens to you too.
Dr. Hallowell is basically saying to  put yourself back in charge. Get rid of the instant access.
For instance, close out your email. Set a time where you only check and answer email and phone calls, unless you absolutely work in a job where you absolutely have to answer every single time it comes in, like a customer service job.
Your brain can't switch back and forth. That's what it's doing when you're multitasking. You can't do two things at once. You just switch back and forth.

You need to train the people you work with your clients, your customers, your distributors that time you give them is when you will communicate with them.

How to Increase Focus: Emotion

The second condition in learning how to focus is emotion.

Emotion really is an on/off switch for your creativity, learning, and thinking. Your brain (or the part of it called the amygdala) doesn't know when your fear is real. In the caveman days fear meant that something like lions really were going to come and eat you.

Your brain doesn't know that when you are scared to do a video or scared to talk to someone who's not a real threat that could end your life. Your brain doesn't know the difference, so you have to teach it to know the difference.

4 Tips to Control Your Emotion in Order to Focus

  1. Hang out with positive people. If you choose to hang out with people who you don't like then that will affect your emotions. In their presence you could feel mad or unworthy. Limit your time with them as much as possible.
  2. Take deep breaths. I know that sounds really basic, but it really does work. When you take deep breaths correctly, it really does slow down your heart rate which calms you down.
  3. Think about places you love to be. If you have seen my Facebook profile you will see an ocean a lot of times, that's my absolute favorite place to be. Think those kinds of things.
  4. Turn off the news. The news isn't there to educate you or “tell you the facts”. The whole purpose is ratings. Don't believe this will help you stay calmer? Experiment for a few days.

Video: How to Increase Your Focus: Emotion

How to Increase Focus – Emotion from Tracey Hausel on Vimeo.

How To Focus

What you need to do is you need to have work that you love to do, that you're good at, and that drives your mission.

If you can find something that does all 3 of those, that's the sweet spot where your brain will perform the best.

If it doesn't fit in those areas, curtail it, delegate it, eliminate it.

You may be thinking, I don't have the money to do all that. There are probably some things you can do to eliminate things you don't like to do, you're not good at without spending any money.

If you have a teenager, they could probably help you with some of the tech stuff, little stuff like that. There's something you can probably get rid of or have someone else do, or you not do as much of.

I want you to understand that people who have trouble focusing are extremely talented, they're extremely generous, they're risk-takers, they're creative. They are our entrepreneurs, big ones like Steve Jobs and other ones I can't think right now. But they're the ones, risk takers, they're the ones with the special gifts, and you have that special gift. You just have to learn where your brain works best.

How to Focus from Tracey Hausel on Vimeo.

Want to see the original video I watched? Go here.

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