Today's blog post is about how to stop wasting time. Time management comes easy for some people. They don't understand why some people just don't get it. Others really do need to be taught and today you're going to learn different ways of managing your time.

How to Do A Brain Dump or How to Build a Prioritized To-Do List

The First thing you want to do is to create a master to-do list. This is just a brain dump. A lot of times our memory is affected because we don't write stuff down or type stuff down. Which way it works for you is great. Just do it.

Write every single thing down. Don't organize it. Just write it all down. It gets the information off of your brain and your brain can think again. Don't get overwhelmed, okay? You can do this in baby steps.

Once you get all that done it's probably going to freak you out. You literally want every single thing down in every part of your life. If that takes awhile, or you run out of time, that's fine. Put it on your calendar, and schedule the next time you're going to work on this overall master list.

Divide Into Projects And Tasks.

The next thing you're going to do is to divide up your to-do list into projects. Say you have a business project, maybe you want to overhaul your blog. That's one project. It's not a task because there are many parts to it. It's a project. Maybe you want to get healthier. It's not a task, it's a project. There's certainly a lot of parts to getting healthier.

If  this action is  all you can handle, then schedule another time to continue your list. Once you have everything into projects, pick one project.

Next, divide that project all into the different tasks you have to do. If a task requires more than one step, it's more than one task. While you can break some steps into really teeny tiny ones, don't do that at this point.

Again, this is going to look like a lot and seem like a lot. You're probably not going to finish a project if you don't do this. If you have trouble with time management or seeing the details in the big picture, you need to put everything in little baby steps.

Prioritize Projects and Tasks

Now, what I want you to do is, to go through the list with a highlighter. Pick a highlighter color, whatever color you want and highlight everything that really should be done now. Needs to be done now. It's a top priority. If you don't do it bad things will happen. Maybe not today, maybe a little bit later.

Then, after that I want you to get a different color highlighter. These are things that can be put off to later. Highlight all those. Pick a third color highlighter. Highlight the stuff that well, while it would be nice to get completed, it probably won't be and you have to be at peace with it.

Next, I want you to do now is to pick out the next steps of all those things. What is the next step and what are the next tasks that absolutely have to be done? Which project is the priority? Then put 5 of those steps on your list to-do for tomorrow. If it takes an awful long time to do one of those steps, you've got more than one step there in that list. If 5 is too many break it down into 3. Whatever works.

The point is you're moving forward and you are getting things done instead of sitting here this time next week going, “I didn't get anything done.”

Video: How to Stop Wasting Time


Now, what I'm doing is I'm taking this all from a resource I have called Getting Things Done with ADHD. You may not have ADHD, it's okay. Doesn't make a difference if you do or not. The strategies and the methods work just as well.

Here's another resource you may find helpful: CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

If you would like to see the video I made showing you how to do these activities, then join my Facebook group HERE. If you can't find the video, let me know and I'll point it out to you.

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