You want some Network Marketing Success Tips because you just joined a home business opportunity.

How do you enroll distributors and make sales after you've gone through your family and friends?

Well, you are in the right place.

One of the most important network marketing success tips I can give you is to write a marketing plan and stick to it!

Network Marketing Success Tips Overview

Don't fret, you are about to learn how to write your own marketing plan.

No matter what the business, there are four parts to a marketing plan. They are the following:

  1.  Collect
  2. Capture
  3. Communicate
  4. Close

This article will briefly describe each component of the plan.

The first step is Collect.

Here you must get in front of people interested in your product, service, or opportunity. Examples include ads, articles, videos, pull-tabs, and audio.

The second step is Capture.

For this step, you must have some way of getting the emails, phone numbers, or addresses of the people you collected. You could use a capture page, write the information down yourself, or have people leave their information on their voice mail. In other words, add them to your list.

The third step is Communicate.

This is where you let your people get to know you. You give them value and give them a reason to open your letters. If you help them out enough, you will get sales. You can send email with an auto-responder, send cards, or give them a call.

The fourth and final step is Close.

If you did the first three steps well enough, especially the third step on communicate, your people will close themselves. One way to close is to send an affiliate link with a video presentation (with permission) or a sales letter that close for you. Another is a three-way call with your upline.

When you are not seeing results, it is usually because one of the four steps is missing or the method you are using is not working.

Consistency is the key to Network Marketing Success. You must make sure that each step is in place and that you create and promote the content you make.

Now, you will learn each step in more detail.

Network Marketing Success Tips: Collect

Offline Network Marketing Success Tips: Collecting Strategies

  • Networking – You can join a networking group on meetup. The meetup doesn't have to be about network marketing. The group can be about something that you are into like a book club or a meetup for martial artists. It doesn't matter.  The Chamber of Commerce has mixers and meetings you can attend. There is also BNI, but only one member can be from a particular niche.
  • Drop Cards – These are business sized cards that can be left anywhere.
  • Post it Notes – Same kind of concept as drop cards.
  • Newspaper Ads – Place an ad about your opportunity in a local newspaper. This one does cost you, but it is offline.
  • Placemat Ads – Ever go into a diner and see a placemat with all kinds of ads on it? You can place an ad there, too.
  • Pull-Tab Fliers – You can easily make these from a template in Microsoft Word. You can put your website on the tab or your phone number.
  •  Fliers/Posters – You can post fliers or posters in appropriate places. This part isn't strictly offline, but you can put a QR code on them. This way people can scan the code and you can get their information.
  • Warm Market – No hissy fits aloud, here. You don't have to prospect them just let them know what you are doing so they can pass it along.

Make sure you have some way to gather people's contact information. You can send them to a website that collects their name and email, or you can send them to a voicemail where they have to leave their name and email. We'll talk more about this in the Capture portion of this blog post.

Network Marketing Success Tips: Internet Collecting Strategies

Now, I want to put a disclaimer on using the internet. The internet is not an easy button you push to get leads!

Okay, now that I've probably ticked off a bunch of you, I'll get to the strategies.

Online Networking – basically you use social networks the same way as you would network in the “real world”. The big 3 social networks are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Talk to people. But, please, don't throw up your opportunity over people. You wouldn't do that at a party. So don't do it online either.

Article Marketing – you write articles on what your prospects want to know and put them on various article directories (not something I'd recommend at this point).

Video Marketing – Here you do the same as with articles only you do it with videos and video sharing sites.

Audio Marketing – This is can also be podcasting. You record your messages and share them on these types of sites.

Pay-Per-Click – This includes Google Adwords, Facebook pay-per-click, Instagram advertising, Twitter Advertising, and basically any social network that has paid advertising. Each social network is different so how you advertise is different on them.

Solo Ads/Banner Ads – Here you pay a company, blog, website, etc. to allow you to place an ad. This is usually for a period of time.

Online Classified Ads – These are like newspaper ads only they are online. A well-known example is Craig's List.

Network Marketing Success Tips: Capture

Capture is all about getting a person's contact information. If you don't have their contact information, you don't have a lead.

How To Capture – Non-Techie

Pen/Pencil and Paper – Yep, the old-fashioned pen and paper. If you meet someone on the street, ask for their information. It's more important to get their information than it is for them to get yours.

Business Cards – Grab business cards whenever you see them. Instant free cold lead.

How To Capture – Using the Internet

You've got a website or a blog set up. People are visiting you like crazy, but… You haven't captured a single lead.

How to fix that?

Use an autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

It's a system that allows you to legally send bulk emails that you write. I use AWeber (yes, if you buy through this link I'll make probably 3 bucks a month).

Now, you're saying that's nice, but how do I get their email?

Every autoresponder has a way for you to make a form that asks for people's information. Typically, no one will fill it out unless you give them something like a free video or a free report.

To see an example, look to the right of this blog post.

What about that mobile stuff?

Yep, you can do that, too. You can add a place for people to put a mobile number on some autoresponders that will sign them up for texts.

Are Your Facebook Friends Leads?

No. But if you have a Facebook page and you use a Facebook Pixel, you can advertise to people who haven't opted in. How? Check out this training on Facebook Pixels HERE.

Network Marketing Success Tips: Communicate

You’ll use that autoresponder you learned about in the previous post to communicate with your list.

It is essential to communicate with your list. If you don’t, they will forget who you are. They may report your email as spam, too. (Yes, you know you can unsubscribe, but for some reason not everyone does.)

Why Else Is It Important to Communicate?

When you buy something, don’t you need to feel comfortable with whoever you’re buying from?

Let me give you an example. There is a gas station in town that is always cheaper than most other places. I don’t buy my gas there for one reason. I’ve never heard of the company. I’ll spend a few cents more where I have heard of the company.

So, if you give your list good value, they will buy from you.

Another example, if I want to buy something for my business, I always check with my mentor to see if she’s selling it. Why? I trust her opinion. She’ll tell me not to buy it if she thinks I don’t need it and if I need help with it, I know she’ll help me. I like, know and trust her.

So communicate to your list and give good value. Don’t just sell.

Network Marketing Success Tips: Close

I’ll admit it. I don’t like to close. So I don’t.

I let my communication and my content pre-sell what I’m offering and then I let someone else do the closing. For example, I send my primary company prospects to a presentation and when I need to talk with them I have someone from the leadership in my company talk with them. If it’s an affiliate product, I let the product’s owners sell it in a video or a letter.

Those are the basics of the 4 C's. I originally learned this concept from my mentor. Share this post on Network Marketing Success Tips on Facebook.

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