Why You Procrastinate

There are many reasons why you procrastinate, but most can be put into 2 categories. You don't know what to do or fear. Today, not knowing what to do will be discussed. In another post, you will learn about where to learn more about marketing. In this post, you will...

Why You Do What You Do: Procrastination

Have you ever wonder what has forced you into procrastination? You know, why you do what you do? I bet you have. There are 2 main reasons (there are of course more) and they are not knowing what to do and fear. In this post, we will delve into not knowing what to do....
You Are Worthy!

You Are Worthy!

You Are Worthy! Don't ever doubt that. No matter what someone has said to you and no matter what you have said to yourself. You Are Worthy! Your past is just that in the Past. Don't you let other people dictate your future… Even well-meaning people like your...

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