Attraction Marketing: What is it and why would you do it?

You are in a Network Marketing Company and you are researching online to find a way to get leads. You come across this term attraction marketing. You see the ads that say that with attraction marketing you no longer have to cold call leads or chase family and friends. You think. Yes! The easy button is here.

Not So Fast!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no easy button.

So What IS Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is where you have a marketing system and promotion set up that attract people to you.

You educate your target market about your niche. Let's say you are in a health and nutrition company. One of your products is to help relieve arthritis. (I have no idea if something like this exists. I'm making it up.)

You would educate people with arthritis about arthritis. You may describe what it is and how to relieve the pain. You wouldn't only suggest your product though. You'd talk about everything from diet to exercise and whatever else has to do with your product.

You now have your readers interested. You may offer a free report about how to live with arthritis. Then maybe in your follow up emails you talk about using a heating pad and you suggest one from amazon for them to buy.

Get Them to Know, Like and Trust You

After you have shared such good knowledge that helps people, they will begin to know, like, and trust you.

Think about it.

I had my husband buy my engagement ring many moons ago from a mom and pop jewelry store. Why? Because I knew of the owner and he took time to educate us on diamonds.

I knew him, liked him, and trusted him. Could my husband have bought me a ring for cheaper elsewhere? Probably.

So how are you going to attract leads to you?

Why Would You Use Attraction Marketing?

So you can learn to get unlimited leads that belong to you. This is your business asset. Once you get a lead you can continue to educate them, and eventually they will more than likely buy something from you.

Your other choice is to buy leads and cold call people who don't know you and probably don't really want to talk to you. Once you've called them, you are probably finished with them.

Do you really want to be one of those obnoxious people that call you at home during dinner? And be honest do you actually answer the phone or ignore it when you don't recognize the phone number?

So which will you choose? Being Attractive or Being Obnoxious?

How do you use attraction marketing? Share below in the comments.

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