You Are Worthy! Don't ever doubt that. No matter what someone has said to you and no matter what you have said to yourself. You Are Worthy! Your past is just that in the Past.

Don't you let other people dictate your future…

Even well-meaning people like your family or teachers…

And yeah, some of them were probably not well-meaning.

Maybe you had teachers in school who said you were lazy – You weren't. You probably either didn't know what was going on academically or you had so much going on in your brain (psychological diagnoses) and/or at home that you couldn't focus on school. It was low down on your priority because survival was at the top of your list.

Now, I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing teachers. I'm not. I was one and ended my career in education as a school psychologist. But…

I did hear teachers say these types of things to each other or where the kids could hear. Yes, they were frustrated, but for the most part, it wasn't the kid's fault.

You ARE Worthy

Listen and watch what I had to say on the topic of worthiness in a live video I did on Facebook.

It is my mission, no my PASSION, to help home business owners see past what they were told was their unworthiness, what they think is their unworthiness to that person who IS worthy of success and CAN be successful. Remember, YOU ARE WORTHY!

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